meetingWittenberg University received a grant award from the U.S. Department of Justice in 2008 to create a self-sustaining network of youth providers and other stakeholders working together to address the needs of youth; produce a continuous supply of highly trained tutors and mentors at local sites; and to help increase the number of youth served in Clark County. A 16 member grant advisory committee was formed in 2009 to ensure input from providers and stakeholder groups in the community. This committee became the Community Alliance for Youth in 2011 to continue this work after the grant ends in 2013.

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The Alliance is committed to:

  • sharing best practices
  • providing professional development
  • implementing local quality standards
  • offering networking opportunities
  • increasing access to data and funding for youth programs

The potential benefits to the community are:

  •  graduation rates
  •  entry into college
  •  juvenile delinquency


The Community Alliance for Youth harnesses community resources to support programs and services that foster the positive development of all Clark county youth and their families.

We Are Statement

Diverse, yet united by our mission, we are...

  • Youth Program Providers
  • Pre K – 16 Educators and Administrators
  • Youth
  • Families & Caregivers
  • Community Funders
  • Business Leaders
  • Social Services
  • Government Entities
  • Community Volunteers
  • Culture and Arts Organizations
  • Health and Wellness Organizations
  • Civic and Religious Leaders


We espouse these values in our work:

  1. Youth First
  2. Program Excellence
  3. Respect, Diversity, and Equal Opportunities
  4. Purposeful Collaborations
  5. Accountability and Transparency
  6. Community Access and Representation