Action Teams

Strategic Planning

In September 2010, the grant advisory committee began a strategic planning process designed to continue the ongoing work of creating a self-sustaining and effective youth network in Clark County. More than sixty community members gathered on two separate occasions to provide input into the process. Participants included representatives from youth programs, law enforcement, social service, education, funders, and other community organizations, This process resulted in a vision, mission, and values for the network going forward. Five action teams were formed to implement the strategies identified to help us move toward our vision. Almost 50 individuals have joined one of these action teams.

If you are interested in joining one of these teams, call Trish Garrison at 327-7944 or click here to send an email to the Community Alliance for Youth.


The Advocates team is dedicated to identifying, recruiting, and training champions to build support for the Community Alliance for Youth. In order to accomplish this goal, the team has identified a total of 12 stakeholder groups and is working to identify the benefits of membership for each group.

David Smiddy, Clark County Literacy Coalition
Sheila Ross, Gear UP

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The assessment team is designing and conducting surveys of community stakeholder groups with parents, teachers and youth as priorities. Using these surveys, the team assesses the results and uses this information to help the Community Alliance for Youth meet any needs identified. This team is also designing a continuous assessment plan to be used in the future to help grow and develop the network as well as increase programming capacity.

Paul Schneider, Springfield City School District
Marcia Dowds, Girl Scouts of Western Ohio

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Membership & Funding

This team is working to establish the financial framework for a membership campaign. Other goals include communicating sliding pay scale strategies to youth programs to ensure that all families have some investment, however small, in their child’s program. The team is also exploring potential sources of funding to operate the Community Alliance for Youth network when Wittenberg’s Department of Justice grant ends.

Liz Hale, Forging Responsible Youth
Michael Phelps, Little Tigers

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This action team is a subcommittee of the Community Alliance for Youth Advisory Council and is responsible for defining and implementing a quality network plan and governance process. They coordinate the work of all the other action teams and are currently exploring potential partnerships in the community to ensure that the Alliance survives and thrives after the U.S. Department of Justice grant ends.

Faith Bosland, SCYM
Joan Elder, Springfield Foundation

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Quality Standards

The function of this team is to research existing standards and to develop quality standards for Clark County youth programs. Implementation steps include a self-assessment that can transition into a peer review process at a later date. The overarching goal is to provide a continuous improvement tool to benefit all youth programs in the community.

Scott Dawson, Project Jericho & Clark State Community College PAC
Theresa Rollins, Springfield City School District SACC

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