NO BULL Annual Music Benefit in Springfield

Scott Hannah and Tyler Gregory, National Spokespeople for The Great American NO BULL Challenge, are proud to announce the 2nd annual NO BULL Music Benefit red carpet event on October 4th at the Clark County Fairgrounds in the Champions Center. This event will bring together several local organizations that will offer students and parents resources whether they are struggling with bullying, depression, wanting to find leadership, etc. The goal of the NO BULL Annual Music Benefit is to raise funds for The Great American NO BULL Challenge. Last year's benefit was held in Hollywood, and this year the event will be held in Scott and Tyler's hometown of Springfield, OH. 

The event is bringing inspiring performers, speakers, actors, and public figures, from all over the nation to encourage the Springfield community to rise up against ALL types of bullying and to chase dreams. Performers include Liberty Deep Down, Spencer Sutherland, Olivia Millerschin, Wes Hanley, Kira Taylor, and the Southeastern High School Choir. Special guests include Nick Pasquale, Brandon Zingale, Nicole Edgington, Lauren Galley, Joey Gentile, Zack Heeter, President of Clark State Community College, Dr. Jo Blondin, and Mayor Warren Copeland. This event is family friendly and appropriate for all ages. For more information about the NO BULL Music Benefit, contact Scott Hannah at



The Great American NO BULL Challenge is a social action organization that offers youth the opportunity to promote digital responsibility, leadership and social change using creativity, the power of peer-to-peer education and the magic of filmmaking. NO BULL’s Teen Video Awards celebrates and promotes all those involved who brave the Challenge and stand up for change for the most important issues of our time.

NO BULL’s annual campaign, national education conference, video-rich education resources, global video contest and awards show impacts millions of teens every year by spreading awareness about anti-bullying and digital responsibility in a unique and exciting way. NO BULL motivates and inspires youth to speak up, affect change at the youth level and demonstrate leadership skills through the creation of short film and Public Service Announcements.

100% of the proceeds for the Music Benefit will go to The Great American NO BULL Challenge!

*SPECIAL OFFER: K-college students can earn a disconted price on tickets. Type "NOBULLSTUDENT" when you check out*

To purchase tickets, view event information and special guests go to

No Bull Music Benefit Flyer


Posted 9/29/2014