Tecumseh Students Make the Community Proud on Their Call for Education on Child Abuse

With April designated as Child Abuse Prevention Month, FYI partnered with The Wittenberg University Susan Hirt Hagen Center and Tecumseh Schools to bring that message to the community.   DEFY, FYIs afterschool mentoring program, took charge of doing just that and together with Ms. Leslie Budding’s freshman student council spent the past month bringing that message to the students by various means.  

Beginning in March, the freshman student council decided to make blue ribbons to sell to fellow students to put on their backpacks to show their support against child abuse.   They did this all month and last week took their message public by covering one of the trees in front of the Board Offices with blue ribbon and putting a poster to alert the public about this devastating problem in society today.

In addition the DEFY high school students held a month long poster contest and challenged the middle school students to come up with posters which depicted healthy families or the problem of child abuse. 5 entries were submitted and the winners will be announced at the middle school awards ceremonies in May.   The students also had bulletin announcements throughout the month of April giving both statistics on child abuse and some solutions to help eliminate it.

Leslie Nurton, FYIs adult director of the DEFY project, said, “We are so proud of our students in their response to this issue.   Child abuse affects so many young and older students today, and can create lifelong issues for the victims.   I am proud my students addressed this issue so passionately.”

FYI thanks both Tecumseh Schools and Wittenberg University for their help in the project.   As Pat Banaszak stated, “We are proud both schools allowed us to participate in this national event and even more proud how well our students responded.   It gives us great confidence in our youth of today, that they not only understand some of the major issues, but are willing to seek answers and address them. Our youth are our future and we are in good hands.”

For more information about the DEFY program or any programs of FYI, call the main office at 845-0403.

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