CAY Hosts May Conference 2015

Continuing our commitment to community and services that foster positive development for youth, The Community Alliance for Youth hosted our annual May Conference. The Alliance partnered with The National Conference for Community and Justice of Greater Dayton to conduct this training with 39 participants present. The conference was centered on the topic of moving beyond flash judgments of others.

            Flash Judgments are those that we make about an individual based upon their appearances and our first impressions of them. We make flash judgments on a daily basis without even thinking about them. These judgments impact the choices we make, the opinions we form, who we interact with, and how we treat others. The goal of the conference was to help raise awareness of our implicit bias and how it influences our actions and affects our communities. We then had the opportunity to identify ways in which we can create positive changes in our organizations. Conference participants had the opportunity to participate in group discussions with other community leaders around scenarios and strategies provided in the training. The objectives of the conference were to understand the impact that changing demographics have on our community, gain an understanding of implicit bias and how it may impact people‚Äôs lives, recognize how attitudes towards differences influence our actions, and to have an opportunity to get to know other attendees.

            Adriane Miller and Mark Willis from the NCCJ led this training that got a 4.3 out of 5 review for the satisfaction with content presented, satisfaction with trainers, and overall rating of the conference. These ratings were compiled by an evaluation summary from attendees at the end of the conference. We had a total of 30 responses which is 77% of total attendance. Among the ratings listed above 28 people responded that they would recommend this training to other organizations in Clark County and 22 said they would be implementing this training in their own organization. Conference participants were from a wide variety of organizations that included schools, social service organizations, and government institutions. 

The Community Alliance for Youth harnesses community resources to support programs and services that foster the positive development of all Clark county youth and their families. We hope that you will stay connected with us as we continue to share the ways in which The Community Alliance for Youth is living out its mission on a day to day basis.

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