A Call to Support the Youth PROMISE Act

The Youth PROMISE Act (Prison Reduction through Opportunities, Mentoring, Intervention, Support, and Education) is bipartisan legislation that will give our community, as well as all U.S. communities, the support and funding we need to effectively address youth violence issues. Local control is the key to this breakthrough legislation that will help reduce the heartbreaking effects of youth violence and drugs on our kids and our families.

The Youth PROMISE Act will create Coordinating Councils which will develop and implement custom programming for individual communities. The Councils will include:

  • Community and Faith-Based Groups

  • Schools, Parents and Youth

  • Courts and Law Enforcement

  • Health Providers and Social Services

  • Nonprofit Organizations and Other Stakeholders

  • Colleges as regional research partners

  • Provide support for communities to hire and train youth-oriented police officers

  • Establish a National Research Center for Proven Juvenile Justice Practices

With the federal funding provided by this bill, Coordinating Councils will identify, implement, and evaluate evidence-based prevention and intervention strategies related to juvenile justice needs in our own communities. Preventative and diversion programs offer a tremendous return on investment, in terms of both financial savings and lives reclaimed. Another component of the bill promotes restorative justice practices which are most promising in the reduction of recidivism and in victim satisfaction.

The Youth PROMISE Act HR 2197 will soon be introduced into the Senate and needs the support of all who are committed to the wellbeing of our youth. Please contact Senators Brown and Portman to express your support.

Overview and Key Highlights Factsheet - Click Here
Assessing the Need Factsheet - Click Here

If you have any questions, please contact Peggy Hanna at peghanna@woh.rr.com