One of the goals of the Community Alliance for Youth is to build a self-sustaining collaborative of afterschool providers, working together to address the needs of at-risk youth. One way to collaborate is to share program practices that are proven to work. Sharing has the potential to quickly increase performance. As a result, we encourage programs to share promising practices or proven techniques with the afterschool community.

Download the following forms and submit them to to share a best practice from your organization:

To review local Promising Practices and Training Plans, click the links below:

Promising Practices and Training Plans

Safe and Healthy Environment

Qualified Staff and Volunteers

Participant Attendance

Program Administration

Family and Community Partnership

Encouraging Personal Responsibility

Improving Academic Achievement

Offering Opportunities for Learning and Development

  • Mediation Training for Teens - Springfield Peace Center
  • Multi-Sensory Learning - On-the-Rise

Program Assessment and Evaluation


Reading Clubs Lesson Plans