Know How To Go 2 COLLEGE

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  • Boost Your Earnings
  • Find Your Passion
  • Prove Your Potential
  • Grow With Help and Support
  • Lift Your Family

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  • Find Schools
  • Take the Tests
  • Apply for Admission
  • Start Preparing Now

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  • Get the basics
  • Be money smart
  • Apply for federal student aid

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Upward Bound Alumni Spotlight

          Ms. Ebony Speakes graduated from The Mandel School of Applied Social Science at Case Western Reserve University, and went on to receive a Master of Science (as a social woker) in Social Administration.  She is currently employed at Oesterlen Youth Services as an Intensive Home Based Therapist and Medical Health Care Social Worker.  Ebony credits the Upward Bound program for helping to prepare her to compete academically with other high school students across the nation when it came time to apply to colleges.  The Upward Bound Family is very proud of her and all her accomplishments.